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It's Hell All Over Again. by kairi-bunny-berry It's Hell All Over Again. :iconkairi-bunny-berry:kairi-bunny-berry 4 10
Emett? Real?
So, I suppose I'll tell you all about my recent dream. Kay and Sky already heard it, but oh well!
Basically, the Death Note was real. Someone, (Most likely Light) wrote my name in the death note, and I was to die in 13 days. 13 days passed. I died. I guess I went to Heaven (That wasn't the plan!!! ) and a month passed after I died. At one point, God told me "Well, people down there are surprisingly sad about your death, and I've decided to give you a second chance. I will send you back to Earth. But on one condition. When I send you back, you will be male. You will have all your memories, and family, and age, but you will no longer be a girl. Can you accept these conditions?" "Hells yes!" (Awkward language to be speaking to God to, but oh well...) I was sent back down, and appeared at my house. it was midday, and no one was home. I just chilled inside, 2:30 came, and I decided to go to Willamete to see everyone. School got out, and only Chan was there. (Weird, right?) I guess I ran up,
:iconkairi-bunny-berry:kairi-bunny-berry 2 2
Bonus Chapter P-2
Round two dearies!
Kaylee was next to count, and had to find Robert, Sky, Emily, Rachel, Anthony, and Zach.
"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 , 9, 10, 11, 12131415161718192021222324252627..." She began counting, and round two began.
Kaylee, being simple minded, didn't look for anyone in particular. First found was Emily. Next, Anni. Then Rach, Bert, Zach. Everyone met up at the back of the school, ready to start another game.
"Nose goes!" Kaylee yelled.
Last was Anni. First found, Zach, then Bert. Rach and Emily.  Then, out of nowhere, something hit him. He looked up, and saw Sky in a tree.
"Found you. "  Anni said, with no emotion whatsoever.
Kaylee found, everyone back to the parking lot.
"Time for round four guys!" Rachel said.
"Wait. Round four? Were'nt we on three?" Sky asked.
"No. We just finished that. Ohhh..... I think we forgot about you, Sky." Emily replied.
"No shit, really?"
Oh well, Rachel and I need to go home anyway. Bye guys!" Zach called, already walking away
:iconkairi-bunny-berry:kairi-bunny-berry 0 4
Bonus Chapter P-1
Bonus Chapter
by ~kairi-bunny-berry
It's time for an after-school adventure!
Hide-and-Seek time!!!
"OKAY EVERYONE!!!! IT'S TIME!" Kaylee announced after school one day.
"Time for what?" Sky asked.
"Hide-and Seek!!!!!!!!!"
"Oh my..."
"C'mon! Robert, Anthony, Rachel, Zach, Emzi? Don't you guys wanna play too??!"
"Ehhhh. Fine." They all replied.
And so the games begin!
Zach and Rach were the first to count.
TARGET ONE: Kaylee. Zach and Rach decided to try and find her first. They searched all around the "Kaylee-ish" places on campus. Eventually, they found her in the courtyard. Kaylee is NOT the best at Hide-and-Seek. Walking around aimlessly helps people find you.
"Nuuu!!!" Kaylee yelled.
"Ha Ha! We have found our first little morsel....." Zach said sinisterly.
" Wench, go find everyone else. "
TARGET TWO: Robert. Robert was well hid by the Blues house.  He could see Emily hiding behind the Band room form where he is. He hoped she would be found before him, that way, Zach and R
:iconkairi-bunny-berry:kairi-bunny-berry 0 2
Nonsense by kairi-bunny-berry Nonsense :iconkairi-bunny-berry:kairi-bunny-berry 2 6 Session Dress Idea by kairi-bunny-berry Session Dress Idea :iconkairi-bunny-berry:kairi-bunny-berry 0 8
Oh my... Character Profiles...
○ Kaylee- Water (Kay or Kyle too)
  ~ Loves to draw
  ~ Can't stop clinging to Robert whenever he's around.
  ~ Has NO personal Bubble
  ~ Not a powerful bender yet
○ Sky- Fire (Skylar)
  ~She is the word of law amongst everyone.
  ~ No one defies her
  ~ Everyone loves her (Both male and Female. Hur hur hur...)
  ~ She is a Bending master.
○ Chandler- Water (Chan)
  ~He is Spaz-tastic!
  ~Computer nerd. =]
  ~ He can tough out just about anything.
  ~ He fights for himself.
  ~ He is a super experienced bender.
○ Robert- Air (Bert)
  ~Computer geek! =)
  ~ He's a perv, yet pervy comments phase him.
  ~ He tries to protect Kaylee from danger, but usually, it's Kaylee who ends up saving him. =
○ Emily- Water (Emzi)
  ~ She's mis-fit.
  ~ She is also Kaylee's
:iconkairi-bunny-berry:kairi-bunny-berry 1 14
Whut. by kairi-bunny-berry Whut. :iconkairi-bunny-berry:kairi-bunny-berry 1 2
Chapter 6: The Epic Adventure
And so, our heroes have made it through Winter vacation!
Well.... mostly.
Kaylee and Robert both kinda died and were reborn during this particular time period. But they're alive now.
Anyway, the friends have now been reunited, and are in
search of the meaning of being conservative, and living life morally straight.
Okay. That was a lie.
It was more of the opposite. Everyone was just getting worse and worse. Tyler was now officially one of them, and he, was the bomb that went off in everyones heads. Something about this kid screwed everyone up.  Was it that dark magic creeping back, or was it just coincidence?
Bert was getting more and more okay with pervy remarks from Kaylee, sky was becoming Sky, Kaylee was getting more and more pervy, Rach was getting even spazzier, Pirrup was getting more god-like, Chan-Bear was happier, and Emzi was being screwed up by everyone and everything.
:iconkairi-bunny-berry:kairi-bunny-berry 0 12
Chapter 5: The Epic Adventure
Christmas break is upon us!
It has been 2 days, and Kaylee just can't take it anymore.
She comes over to Emily's house at an insanely early hour of the day.
"C'mon, Emily. I have cookies. Get off your butt, and lets go!" Kaylee squeals
"Whut. Go? Where? And why the hell are you here so early?!?!?" Emily replies very angrily.
"We have to go deliver cookies to Sky, Rach, Zach, and......... Robert."
"Do it yourself."
"But I'm too scared I'll freak out once I get to Robert's house, and then I won't be able to give him his cookie! See? It's shaped like a heart... Now let's go!"
And off they went!
Once they got within 50 ft. of Bert's house, Kaylee stopped.
"I can't do this. " Kaylee whimpered.
"Dammit! Yes you are! C'mon! I did not let you wake me up this early, just to have you still get scared!" Emily scolded while pushing Kaylee from behind, towards the house.
And so, they made it to Bert's house. But, Kaylee was still too scared to take it to the confusing fence, so s
:iconkairi-bunny-berry:kairi-bunny-berry 0 14
Chapter 4: The Epic Adventure
The time for the schools' annual "Tree Of Joy" fundraiser was upon our heroes once again.
Sadly enough, the 7th and 8th graders were separated for this event. So Emily was a loner. But, the 8th graders had a great time! After they had bought stuff for the poor, the 8th graders all went straight to the mall. (Of course, it had to be a different mall than the one Emily had to go to)
At the mall, Kaylee and Bert were completely free to have fun, and not be scared of Bert's parents. But alas, they did not take advantage of the situation. They were lame, and just stuck with the rest of the group.
Emily, on the other hand, was different. She didn't even get the chance to be with the one she wanted. He wasn't even on the field trip, so Emzi decided to hang out with her other friend, Chris. She knew that he liked her, so it was kinda awkward, cause he knew that she liked another. So, Emzi didn't have as great of a time.
Emily's thoughts: "You better be making the most of your time with Robert,
:iconkairi-bunny-berry:kairi-bunny-berry 0 34
Chapter 3: The Epic Adventure
Months went by, and each day was filled with more, and more happiness for the many friends. Well, or so I'd like to say. A new person has suddenly taken interest in our esteemed children. Tyler was his name. He had recently become friends with Bert, and Annie. Soon enough, he was hanging out with them all the time, even after school at the back parking lot just like everyone else.
For the longest of time, Kaylee, and Emily knew not of his name. It was as if it were magic. They kept re-learning his name, but shortly after, they would no longer know. So, Tyler was just "That one who's friends with Bert". The name eventually went away, when the dark magic was broken.
Christmas was soon coming upon everyone, and no one was happy.
"Christmas means no school for two weeks, and that means hardly seeing anyone for that long! I might die!" Kaylee said at lunch one day while smacking her head against a table.
"Thoughts can be deceiving, Kaylee. Why, back in my day, we were all happy about a brea
:iconkairi-bunny-berry:kairi-bunny-berry 0 19
Chapter 2: The Epic Adventure
It has been a few weeks, and Emily and Kaylee are getting farther, and farther down the road of friendship. Eventually, Emily starts sitting by Kaylee in Session ( Abandoning the 7th graders!) and they talk so much that Mr. Fitch keeps yelling at them for it. The exact same thing happens in Concert Choir too. Mr. Fitch begins to regret putting them next to each other, but doesn't bother to move them.
One day, Kaylee asks Emily to come hang out with her and her friends after school, that way Emily can meet them.
Emily agree's to go reluctantly.
School soon ends, and Kaylee finds Emily and drags her to the back of the school. There, Emily meets Sky, Rachel, and Zach. Robert and Anthony are there too, but Emily had already met them in elementary school.
Almost instantly, Emily finds Sky, and Rachel amazing, and becomes friends with them in a short amount of time.
As the weeks go by, Emily is beginning to get to know everyone, and is freed from the 7th graders she had always had to mingle
:iconkairi-bunny-berry:kairi-bunny-berry 0 0
Chapter 1: The Epic Adventure
Kaylee is now sitting next to Emily in a very uncomfortable silence, when she decides that she can take it no longer. She decides to ask for a name, since she was too lazy to learn it before. She begins to start talking when Emily starts first.
"Ehhhh?!? You have a Inuyasha backpack! That is amazing!! Where did you get it?!?" Emily asks.
Kaylee responds, "Uhm, thank you? It's part of my Kagome Cosplay"
"Kyaa! I've always wanted to cosplay! I still haven't had the chance to though. I've been wanting to cosplay something from Inuyasha, but I'm still not sure what to cosplay yet..."
"Well it's a lot of fun. You should try it! Hey, do you know who drew that face on the board?"
There was a face drawn by someone on the white board in the room, and the face was easily recognizable to Deviantart fans.
"Sorry, no. Was that you who wrote the other thing about finding you on DA?" Emily asks.
"Yup. I wanna know who that was. Oh well" Kaylee replies.
And so the class ended.
The next day in Session,
:iconkairi-bunny-berry:kairi-bunny-berry 0 0
Kaylee and Emily are both going to be in the Session choir this year. neither of them expected to change so much because of it, or find new amazing friends. Both are un-aware of the incoming events of the year, and no one could even guess what might happen.
Kaylee is an 8th grader. She isn't really friends with anyone who's going to be in Session. She doesn't really expect much for the year.
Emily is a 7th grader. She is kinda disappointed with who's going to be in Session. She knows no 8th graders, and all the 7th graders that made it in, are people she doesn't like. Emily fears for a boring year.
The year begins, and Session begins on the second day. Neither Kaylee , nor Emily have spoken to each other as the weeks pass. Both of which are also in the 8th grade "Concert Choir" too. Even still, they know not of each other until one fateful day.
Mr. Fitch noticed that there was not enough room in the choir room, and did not want so many people so far in the back.Emily is one of these pe
:iconkairi-bunny-berry:kairi-bunny-berry 0 4
Hrrmm by kairi-bunny-berry Hrrmm :iconkairi-bunny-berry:kairi-bunny-berry 2 6
Meh. I haven't gotten around to finishing anything lately. You get nothing.



United States
Name: Emily or Emzi, or Emett =]
Age: 13
Birthday: July 2
Inspiration: Friends, family, songs
DA reason: to spread random nonsense everywhere.

Deviantart Family:

:iconmanga-newbie13::iconelricluver9112::iconweasleygirl27::iconneko-sora-daycare::iconchanchan-is-kira::iconrunesruleearth::iconi-am-giant: :iconihearttoothpaste:

Current Residence: Poulsbo WA
Favourite genre of music: Anything Asian!
Favourite photographer: Rachel! =]
Favourite style of art: Chibi~ pencil sketches
Operating System: #2 Pencil =)
MP3 player of choice: Sansa
Shell of choice: Turtle
Wallpaper of choice: Something single colored that all my artist friends could paint one thing each on! =]
Favourite cartoon character: Fai Florite, Inuyasha, Roy Mustang, and Alphonse Elric
Personal Quote: Anyone can draw, but it takes a real artist to show other people.


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